Criminal case analysis, elaboration of a defense strategy (including prospects assessment in view of current case law for one client per month as a gift)

The service includes (whichever is needed):

  • negotiations with case investigation officer;
  • examination of the documents that have been or had to be shared with the suspected person;
  • examination of case materials after preliminary investigation;
  • meeting with the suspect / accused / defendant in pre-trial detention center
  • drafting and sending lawyer’s requests
  • consultations with specialists, experts etc.

The price of the final consultation is included in the price of case analysis. If performed after case analysis, this consultation is the one that brings you most benefits in defending your case. Talking over the phone to a lawyer who has not read your case thoroughly is oftentimes a mere waste of time.
An unpaid consultation is as good as useless… and a chance to bump into a fraudster who will just cost money to you and your relatives; as a result, you might lose your freedom.

Price: up from 19750 rubles depending on the urgency, complexity, and nature of the case.

Why is it better to entrust cases of this kind to me, advocate Alexander Leontiev?

  • Professionalism. I, Alexander Leontiev, have been specializing in criminal cases for over 10 years so far. I am well aware of all the nuances of criminal defense as well as the machinery of law enforcement agencies and courts as applies to such cases.
  • Expertise. You will get a realistic evaluation and assessment of your advantages in your case, as well as the much-needed advice as to how you are supposed to behave during proceedings.
  • Promptness. I will take to examining your case right away, just as soon as you give me a call!
  • Fairness and honesty. I will evaluate your case with due criticism and openly tell you everything about it – including bitter truth!
  • Legal confidentiality.Every piece of information that I receive from you will be kept secret. No one shall be entitled to interrogate me on whatever details of your case.

Call me at +7 903 173 30 01 right now and I will start working on your case immediately

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