Criminal cases –
that is my specialization!

Alexander Leontiev

Expert in criminal court proceedings
LLM in Court Advocacy


Loyalty to each

Risk calculation
and assessment

Maximum efficiency and effectiveness
of defense strategy against charges

Mastery in
the domain of law

Enables me to achieve goals
despite certain peculiarities of Russian
criminal law and procedure

main areas of focus in my work as lawyer

TIME is the key factor in every criminal case.

If you have been detained of had any other issues with law enforcement officers, your best option is to get hold of a highly skilled lawyer as soon as possible. The mistakes that may be made at the earliest stages of investigation, may then be difficult to correct or otherwise make up for. Please invite me to join you for an urgent consultation right now. Don’t lose precious time, get the best kind of legal support and protection.

    My name is Alexander Leontiev. I am a criminal law advocate based in Moscow and surrounding areas. My vast experience in the law profession began in 2001.

    The key areas of my professional focus are: misfeasance/nonfeasance/malfeasance, offence against the person, economic crime, drug-related offences, organized crime, and defamation.

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