You’re being suspected of committing a murder (homicide) or inflicting heavy injuries on another person in self-defense?

Offenses against the person pertain to the category of the most challenging criminal cases. The history of court rulings demonstrates that the evidence that is given by the suspect to the police immediately after the act often lays the foundation for the final court sentence! Please keep in mind that the evidence that you have given to the police right away can hardly be changed later.

So don’t put your future at stake! Talk to the police investigation officer only in the presence of a skilled and trained advocate!

As an advocate, I’ve been representing my clients in criminal cases related to offenses against the person for over 10 years.

Why should you hire an advocate in a timely manner?

The advocate will:

  • help you prove your innocence;
  • help you reconcile with the defendant;
  • do his best to mitigate pre-trial restrictions;
  • appeal against the sentence that has already been carried.

How can I help you as an advocate? I will:

Examine your case in detail;

Conduct an independent advocate’s investigation;

Knowledgeably advise you on the line of your optimal behavior during interrogations and court sessions;

Provide you with skilled advocate’s defense at every stage of your case.

Why is it better to entrust cases of this kind to me, advocate Alexander Leontiev?

  • Professionalism. I, advocate Alexander Leontiev, am well aware of the specific nuances of criminal cases. During my years as advocate, I’ve learned a lot about the machinery and mindset of law enforcement officers, court officials, and judges in such cases.
  • Expertise. I diligently follow all amendments to the law and spend a lot of time improving my skills by attending all major conferences related to criminal case proceedings.
  • Promptness. I will start working on your case just as soon as you contact me!
  • Reliability. I am completely and unconditionally loyal to the interests of my Clients.
  • Strategy. I can calculate all the risks that are there and help you choose the best defense options in view of the charges brought against you.

Remember that in criminal cases, time has no price tag!
Please call me right now for immediate legal aid at: +7 903 173 30 01!

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