Your reputation is under threat?

In our times, no one is exempt from the risk of defamation that is detrimental to the dignity of the victim. Every day every investigation officer receives hundreds of complaints against defamation. What can you do to defend your good reputation? How can you bring the perpetrator to trial and well-deserved punishment?

A professional advocate will help you!

If you address me in a timely manner, I will do the following for you:

  • Promptly request the initiation of a criminal case on defamation;
  • Establish the prospective pool of witnesses;
  • Gather and preserve evidence in order to get the perpetrator’s behavior categorized as a criminal act;
  • Perform all the required expert assessments.

You have to keep in mind that no delay should be made in a situation like this, because all the evidence of the crime can be concealed or destroyed at all!

I am prepared to restore your good reputation!

As part of my advocate’s job in representing your interests in a defamation case I will:

Analyze the case materials and provide a professional evaluation of the past act;

Advise you on the possible categorization of the case as a punishable crime;

Search for new evidence in support of the fact that the crime has actually been committed;

Prepare documents for the trial;

Make sure your rights and lawful interests are duly observed during the trial in court.

Why should you entrust such cases to me, advocate Alexander Leontiev?

  • Professionalism. I have been specializing in criminal cases for more than 10 years. I am perfectly aware of all the nuances of defamation cases, as well as the machinery of law enforcement agencies and courts in such cases.
  • Expertise. You will get a realistic evaluation of your advantages in your case, as well as all the much-needed recommendations on how to behave during the trial.
  • Promptness. I will start examining your case just as soon as you contact me!
  • Reliability. I am unconditionally loyal to the interests of my Client.
  • Strategy.. I can calculate all the risks and help you choose the best way to defend yourself from the charges brought against you.

You would like to restore justice?

So please call me right now at: +7 903 173 30 01

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