You’ve been charged with possession of illegal drugs or other prohibited substances?

Criminal cases that are based on drug-related abuses are the most challenging in this category. The punishment for these types of offenses vary from a money penalty to a lengthy term in prison, sometimes for life!

In this case, hiring a personal advocate is the only way to defend your rights and interests!
The punishment and pre-trial restrictions in the criminal cases that are related to the sale of illegal drugs depend on the amount of the confiscated substance, oftentimes regardless of its type.

You will need a professional advocate to defend your case in order to:

  • Mitigate pre-trial restrictions;
  • Suspend your prison sentence;
  • Prove that there is mitigating evidence and that the accused person did not have any intent to sell drugs.

How can I, advocate Alexander Leontiev, help you in drug-related criminal cases?

Within my competence, I will:

Perform a criminal case analysis and provide a realistic assessment of its outcome;

Search for possible witnesses or new pieces of evidence; in other words, I will perform an independent lawyer’s investigation;;

Advise you on how to appropriately behave during interrogations or face-to-face questioning;

Control the lawfulness of investigative action and expert assessments;

Elaborate an acceptable line of defense in court;

Draft all the necessary procedural documents in the case;

Represent your interests in court;

If necessary, appeal against the sentence in the courts of higher instances.

Why do people entrust the defense of their cases to me, advocate Alexander Leontiev?

  • Experience.For more than 10 years I have been representing the interests of my clients in drug-related criminal cases.
  • Education. I graduated with a master’s degree with honors from the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MGUA), Russia’s leading law schools. I majored in court advocacy.
  • Stainless reputation. My liability has been insured for 3 million rubles with the RESO Garantia insurance company.
  • Professionalism.In my work as lawyer, I use certain psychology techniques. I have a vast theoretical and practical knowledge about criminal intelligence as well as required technical expertise related to the organization and performance of expert assessment procedures of various kinds.


It often happens that law enforcement officers fabricate material evidence in drug-related criminal cases!
You can hardly do without the help of a highly skilled lawyer in such event!

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