You’re being accused of an economic crime: illegal entrepreneurship, tax evasion, money laundering, or fraud?

Such acts are punishable by severe sentences, one of which is a lengthy term of imprisonment! How can you prove your innocence in such a case? What can you do to mitigate the pre-trial restrictions imposed on you? Only a highly skilled advocate can help you with all that!

Why does it make sense to get help of a lawyer as early as possible in these cases?

When the criminal case is being initiated, every word that you say during interrogations can be used against you, which will enable the law enforcement officers to secure your conviction or charge you with a graver crime. You need to remember that in certain types of criminal cases of this kind, the term in prison may reach or even exceed 10 years! When defending a client against such charges, the advocate should prove that they have been committed in the domain of entrepreneurship: this fact can lead to release on bail, home arrest for the period of investigation, or probably even the termination of your case.

I am an experienced advocate in the criminal cases related to economic crime!

The main parts of my work as an advocate in the domain of economic crime are:

Independent investigation;

Search of proof or your innocence;

Debriefing you before you give evidence to the investigation officers and assistance to you during interrogations and face-to-face questioning;

All-encompassing control of the lawfulness of investigative action at every stage of the case;

Drafting of all the documents required for the trial;

Representation of your interests at every stage of the trial.

Why should you choose me as your provider of legal aid?

  • Experience. I have been defending the rights of my clients in economic crime cases for more than 10 years.
  • Individual approach.  I study each criminal case with exceptional attention and develop an individual line of defense for each of my clients in view of their preferences, my own experience in practicing law, and effective Russian laws.
  • Guarantees. My liability has been insured for 3 million rubles with the RESO Garantia insurance company.
  • Reliability. I am unconditionally liable to the interests of my Client.
  • Strategy. I can calculate all the risks and help you choose the best options of defense from the charges brought against you.
  • Professionalism. High mastery in the domain of law enables me to achieve goals despite certain peculiarities of Russian criminal law and procedure.


Don’t give any evidence in the criminal cases related to economic crime in the absence of your advocate!

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