You accidentally killed someone in a traffic accident?

“If only I had known!”, “How could this have happened?” These and many other questions are nagging at everyone who is being charged with causing a fatal traffic accident.
After everything that’s happened, everything seems to be a nightmare; or, on the contrary, your mind might be refusing to flash back to the tragedy. It is important to understand that when you’re deeply shocked, you will find it difficult to recall possible witnesses of the tragedy and all the details of that terrible day, or demand that a high-quality expert assessment be performed. This means that you’ll hardly be able to present evidence in support of your case.

In a situation like this, it is better to contact a professional advocate!

In cases related to injury-related traffic accidents, there’s a lot of pitfalls and nuances that only a professional and highly specialized lawyer may be aware of.

As advocate, I’ve been representing the interests of my clients in criminal cases related to traffic accidents.

Please keep in mind that according to the effective law of Russia, running down a pedestrian is punishable by up to nine years in prison with the forfeiture of driver’s license for up to three years (Article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

How can I help you as an advocate?
I will:

Check if all the documents within your case are lawful and legitimate

Provide competent advice in giving evidence to investigation officers backed by many years of practicing law

Immediately send an advocate’s request for the videos from surveillance cameras in Moscow (these are kept within 2 to 5 days and are not provided to those individuals who do not hold an advocate’s license)

Find the best experts and obtain expert assessment of the vehicles’ speed before the accident on the basis of the damage incurred by them

Make sure that law enforcement officers abide by the law in their acts

Get advice from an authorized traffic expert and request a high-quality expert assessment of the accident

Be present right next to you at every stage of your case and represent your interests in court, if this is necessary

My main aim is to defend your interests!

I will do all my best to:

  • Gather evidence in support of your innocence
  • Terminate the criminal case
  • Mitigate the pre-trial restrictions imposed on you
  • Reduce the amount of the compensations that you will owe to the victim
  • Make sure that an unlawful sentence is appealed against in the courts of appeal and/or cassation

Why would you want to entrust me with such cases?

My overall experience as an advocate exceeds 14 years. Over this time, dozens of criminal cases related to traffic accidents have been terminated, and hundreds of other cases ended in reduced compensations to victims.

I am very well aware of the working methods and mindset of investigation officers, court officials, and judges in the criminal cases of this type.

In my negotiations with the victims and their families, I use certain psychology skills and techniques, which makes it easier for us to reconcile.

Awareness of nuances.
I always talk to witnesses on record; in practice, this happens very seldom with other advocates. However, in difficult cases, evidence given by witnesses will often save people from a prison sentence.

You’re being accused of causing a fatal traffic accident and need professional legal aid?

Call me at +7 903 173 30 01
and I will start working on your case immediately.
You can rest assured that your advocate will start an independent investigation well before the investigator will do this!

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